In 2013, I performed as “Chloe Flores” during a marathon 31 days on the curator and residency director’s Facebook account. Beyond my usual object based artwork, I posted video and digital collage, using as raw material the previously unseen, socially engaged artifacts of my portrait drawing practice. Beginning with gifted photos and Go-Pro footage that female sitters took of themselves or chose from their personal archive, as well as Skype and email artifacts from our private correspondence, I channeled my grandmother, who censored soldiers’ letters for the CIA during WWII; blacking out any lines that could pose a physical safety risk if the letter was seen by unintended recipients. I used a variety of formal artistic methods to preserve sitters’ privacy, while still allowing a glimpse behind the scenes at the peer to peer relationship of trust and shared experience.

“…buddy…office…come pplayy…,” digital collage, sizes variable, 2013

Surfer (Rosa), video still, 2013

Kitesurfer in Her Car with Her Toy (live sketch), pastel, ballpoint and neon gel pen on paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, 2013

Smile, You’re Skiing in Japan!, video still, 2013

Trad Climber in Her Car with Her Toys; sewn plastic container derived from petroleum, green LED, and ink jet, 21 x 17 inches, 2013

Surfer of Child Bearing Age Loading Her Car with Her Toy, drawing and DIY print on petroleum derived substrate, 18 x 14 inches, 2013