“…buddy…office…come pplayy…,” digital collage, sizes variable, 2013

Surfer (Rosa), video still, 2013

Kitesurfer in Her Car with Her Toy (live sketch), pastel, ballpoint and neon gel pen on paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, 2013

Smile, You’re Skiing in Japan!, video still, 2013

Trad Climber in Her Car with Her Toys; sewn plastic container derived from petroleum, green LED, and ink jet, 21 x 17 inches, 2013

In 2013, I performed as “Chloe Flores” during a marathon 31 days on the curator and residency director’s Facebook account. Beyond my usual object based artwork, I posted video and digital collage, using as raw material the previously unseen, socially engaged artifacts of my portrait drawing practice. Beginning with gifted photos and Go-Pro footage that female sitters took of themselves or chose from their personal archive, as well as Skype and email artifacts from our private correspondence, I channeled my grandmother, who censored soldiers’ letters for the CIA during WWII; blacking out any lines that could pose a physical safety risk if the letter was seen by unintended recipients. I used a variety of formal artistic methods to preserve sitters’ privacy, while still allowing a glimpse behind the scenes at the peer to peer relationship of trust and shared experience.