CoDriver Experiments

CoDriver Experiments was a series created while working as a truck driver in Los Angeles. While I enjoyed driving, I rarely found myself behind the wheel, so I began making loose, dotted, kinetic drawings as I bounced up and down in the passenger seat. These drawings often briefly indicate cityscape elements as they passed across my view at separate times. Inside the vehicle, I recorded what I could see beyond the regular 60° cone of vision, using the pivoting vantage point model that Hockney made popular in his photo collages as he continued an art conversation where Picasso and Braque had left off. These drawings serve as time-based performances made in front of, and of, my male coworkers until I got carsick. Later on, at home, I therapeutically transformed these sketches into bright color fields arranged between fragmented bodies and landscapes.

13 x 18 in


50 x 73 in


12 x 24 in 


20 x 39 in


15 x 17 in 


15 x 17 in