CoDriver Experiments

The series CoDriver Experiments began while I was working as a truck driver in Los Angeles. Though I enjoyed driving, I most often found myself in the passenger seat and so began making time-based performances in front of, and of, my male coworkers until I got carsick. These agitated, kinetic drawings made to the rhythm of the jolting ride, also recorded what I could see beyond the regular 60° cone of vision. I added new pages and subtracted old ones as I went. In some works I later applied meticulously painted, bright color fields; arranged between fragmented bodies and landscapes.

13 x 18 in
50 x 73 in
12 x 24 in 
20 x 39 in
15 x 17 in
15 x 17 in 

15 x 17 in

CoDriver Experiment, Big Bear to LA (with Miranda and Emily), 11 x 22 and 11 x 38 inches, fade resistant ink, gouache, and archival tape on acid free paper in artist made frame, 2018

First Sound Portrait, Audible Sitter Response and CoDriver Drawing (With Niall Murphy), 30 x 40 in and 2 seconds, acrylic and pigment ink on acid free paper with sound electronics, 2019

360 CoDriver Experiment and Sitter Response Censored with Consent (with OllieTGoulds in the Louver Van), 59 x 16 in, pigment ink and acrylic on acid free paper, 2019