Kate Sikorski

b. 1983, Tustin, CA

Lives and works in Los Angeles

Kate Sikorski’s mixed media drawings experiment with ways of portraying that are characterized by friendship, dialogue, openness, listening, agency, personhood, and collaborative representation. Although primarily working from direct observation, Sikorski’s work is concept driven, attempting to subtly activate the viewer to consider–often times silly– solutions to unsolved ethical problems of figural representation, seeing, and being seen.

Sun-printed, water-transferred, ironed-on, and intricately cut inkjet collage elements compliment the immediacy of sensitive and precise draughtsmanship. With consent, Sikorski incorporates sitters’ self-representations online into her portraits in the form of digital screen captures of their social media posts. Sharing the physical pictorial space of the painting with the raw and varied handwritten responses of those she depicts, text often humorously challenges Sikorski’s authority and perception.

Sikorski received her BA in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2006) and her MFA from California State University, Long Beach (2011). Sikorski has participated in exhibitions at the Torrance Art Museum, El Segundo Art Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, and Alexander Salazar Fine Art. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including: New American Paintings blog, the Huffington Post, OC Weekly, Fox News San Diego, Blue Magazine (Japan), and TIDE magazine (Germany). Sikorski was the recipient of a Jeanie Anderson Memorial Grant (2005), a Kick Starter grant (2011), and was a resident artist (March 2013) on the user based curatorial platform and public exhibition space Chloe Flores Facebook. Sikorski lives and works in Los Angeles.