Sitter Response: Handwritten

  • “…Acknowledgement…” (with James Brookes), mixed media on paper, 89 x 65 in, 2017

  • “…you captured…version of me… (with Joy Shannon), mixed media on paper in artist made aluminum frame, 40 x 20 x 3 in, 2017-8

  • …should probably shave before Monday (with Jackson Root)

  • “…My feet are more gruesome than you depicted…” (with Christina Shurts), mixed media on paper, 35 x 65 in, 2017

  • “My head is tiny” (with E Salcedo), mixed media on paper, 62 x 42 in, 2017

  • “Happier poses, more defined features” (with Tomika Wilkerson), mixed media on paper, 50 x 65 in, 2017

  • …to see…how we view each other…” (with Christina Rincon-Kawagiwa), mixed media on paper, 35 x 24 in, 2017


    Inspired by Thoreau’s ideal of wakefulness, I imagined myself as a drone or bee in flight, examining nature from all angles. I planned, made, and later joined, separate in situ landscape and figurative drawings in such a way to cinematically unfold in linear paths of attention. A step further than Hockney’s “joiners” which pivoted from a singular station point, I sought to make paintings from a vantage point that was mobile across space, and evolved with each day I finished a new drawing addition. Presented as perceived, the perspective was still almost completely subjective, except for the small crack in the fourth wall that the sitter made with their handwritten response, which shared pictorial space with my drawings.