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b. 1983, Tustin, CA

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


2011      MFA, California State University, Long Beach

2006      BA, Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara


2018                       CoDriver Experiments, Muzeumm, Los Angeles, CA

2015                        Intrinsic Expedition, Westmont College, SB, CA

2012                        Coastal Commons, Catalyst, Westminster, CA

2012                        Burkini Surf, Alexander Salazar Fine Art, SD, CA

2011                        Uninhibited, Max Gatov Gallery, CSULB, CA


2019                        (upcoming) Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro

2019                        (upcoming) Subject Observer, Keystone Art Space

2018                        Forum I, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2018                        Tactile Encounters, PAM Residencies, Los Angeles, CA

2018                        Her Blonde Hair Was Blue, Permanent Storage Projects, Boyle Heights, CA

2018                        Soft Bytes; Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles, CA

2018                        This is Awkward, El Segundo Museum of Art, CA

2018                        Made in California, Brea City Gallery, CA

2017                        South Bay Focus, Torrance Art Museum, curated by Emily Gonzalez-Jarrett, curatorial associate at the Hammer Museum, and artist & museum liaison at Honor Fraser Gallery

2017                        Missed Connections, Basement Projects, Santa Ana

2016                        Broad Cast, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, curated by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno

2016                        Victor Frias and Friends III, DA Center for the Arts, Pasadena, curated by Devon Tsuno

2016                        Engendered Inequity: Gallery Tally, LA Contemporary Exhibitions, organized by Micol Hebron

2016                        MAS Attack (Final), Torrance Art Museum, organized by Max Presneill

2015                        Temporary Contemporary Artist Surf Competition, performance and costume design, Zuma Beach (Malibu), organized by Night Gallery and Ghebaly Gallery

2015                        MAS Attack 9, Temporary Space LA, Los Angeles

2015                        MAS Attack 8, Art Institute in Balboa Park, San Diego

2014                        MAS Attack 7, Airport Art Studios, Santa Monica

2014                        Gallery Tally Poster Project, For Your Art, Los Angeles

2013                        Compass, OC Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana

2013                        Monster Drawing Rally, Armory Center for the Arts, Los Angeles

2012                        International Drawing Project, Café Royal Books, London

2012                        Californians, Artspace Purl, Daegu, South Korea

2011                        Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne, curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey

2011                        Insights, juried, CSULB University Art Museum, Long Beach

2010                        Insights, juried, CSULB University Art Museum

2009                        GLAMFA Open Studios, California State University, Long Beach

2008                        GLAMFA Open Studios, California State University, Long Beach


2018 CoDriver Experiments, on the road throughout southern CA

While working as a truck driver in Los Angeles, I rarely found myself behind the wheel, and so began making loose, dotted, kinetic drawings as I bounced up and down in the passenger seat. These drawings serve as time-based performances made in front of, and of, my male coworkers until I got carsick. Later on, at home, I therapeutically transformed these sketches into bright color fields arranged between fragmented bodies and landscapes. The works often briefly indicate cityscape elements as they passed across my view at separate times. Inside the vehicle, I recorded what I could see beyond the regular 60° cone of vision, using the pivoting vantage point model that Hockney made popular in his photo collages as he continued an art conversation where Picasso and Braque had left off with cubism.

2015-18 JOMO; Sitter Response Series

For both bodies of work, I met volunteer sitters from my social media network, one on one, in outdoor spaces. My portrait sketching sessions were time-based performances as they often happened publicly, in parks, beaches, and gardens. For the first three years, these spectacles involved a bathtub filled with freshly washed pillows for the sitter to recline in, and me serving the sitter’s favorite food and drink to enjoy while I drew. I drew while holding a conversation with the sitter, catching up in a way more personal than social media. To democratize traditional power relations between artist and model, I first incorporated the sitters’ self expressions online through screen grabbing their photos posts on social media of favorite food and books, and DIY printing, and collaging these into my drawings of them. Later on, I instead began turning my drawings over to sitters at the end of each session to instead receive their handwritten rebuttal to my portrayal of them, on the drawing itself.

2015 Artist Surf Contest, Night Gallery and Ghebaly Gallery, Zuma Beach

Predicting that I would be competing almost entirely against men, I incorporated some of my favorite female professionals into my costume to even out the numbers. My interior scroll named athlete Billie Jean King as well as quotes from Carolee Schneemann. The cartoonish butt crack and body hair referenced Mary Reid Kelley, and the Wikipedia-sourced male nipple pasties were watermarked with “Micol Hebron” whose practice I borrowed them from.

2013 Chloe Flores FB, Los Angeles, CA, March 1-31

Performed for a marathon 31 days, as “Chloe Flores” on the curator and residency director’s Facebook account. I posted drawings of sitters and digital artworks utilizing the less visible, socially engaged aspects of my portrait drawing practice. This was primarily gifted Go-Pro footage of sitters filming themselves during extreme outdoor recreation activities. I censored each video, photo, and email artifact in a variety of visual methods before posting it, to preserve the privacy of my sitters while allowing a glimpse behind the scenes at our friendships.


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2019                        (upcoming) Long Road Projects, Jacksonville, FL (resident artist)

2018                        Forum Mentorship Program, Torrance Art Museum, CA

2013                        Chloe Flores FB, Los Angeles, CA, March 1-31 (resident artist)

2012                        Distinguished Achievement in Creative Activity Award, College of the Arts, CSULB, CA

2011                        Art Series Funded, KickStarter, Seal Beach, CA

2005                        Jeanie Anderson Memorial Fund, UCSB, Durban, South Africa

2002                        Barbara Benson Memorial Scholarship, Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts, CA

2002                        Scholarship Pre-College Summer Program, Laguna College of Art and Design, CA


Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Yalla, El Cajon, SD