Intrinsic Expedition

  • The Border is a Line (Surfer Zipping Up Wetsuit in Alley), pantyhose, fabric, and other mixed media on found wood from alley, 60 x 40 in, 2010
  • To the Boardwalk! (Cyclists Rigging Bike to Car), 48 x 48 x 25 inches, bike frame, ribbons, lace, gym shorts, plastic bag, and other mixed media on wood, 2012, (bike pedal rotatable)

  • Paddle Boarders Loading Truck (diptych), ink, acrylic, embroidery and hammock on wood, 48 x 60 inches, 2013

  • Light Up, Tightening Car Roof Straps (Surfer), Kombucha bottles, LED light rope, acrylic, yarn, fabric, metallic paint, lace, rearview mirror charm, 48 x 48 x 4 in, 2012

  • Climber Loading Car Roof Bin, 52 x 69 x 7 inches, hinges and other mixed media, 2012

  • (Swagstaff96) Kayaker in Trunk, spray paint, metallic paint, paint marker, plastic bags, hinges and other mixed media, 36 x 46 inches, 2013, (Installed on the wall or on the ground)

  • Trad Climber73 in Trunk, plastic bags, spray paint, paint marker, pastel, and other mixed media on wood, 2013-4, 96 x 60 x 5 in

  • Hiker Putting on Shoes in Car Doorway in Front of House, 63 x 56 x 1.25 inches (flat), acrylic, plastic bags, spray paint, hand carving, ink jet, hinges on wood, 2014, (Installed flat on wall or staged on the ground)

  • (Domjan82) Camper in Trunk in Tent, ink jet, spray paint, and acrylic on acrylic and plastic bags, 65 x 45 inches, 2015, (Trunk flap may be left down, installed up, or hung horizontally.

  • Catalina Camper in Pitched Tent in Truck, 48 x 25 inches, tie dyed old bags on paper on wood panel, 2013

  • Berleen Backpacker84 in Truck, 49 x 36 inches, ink jet, acrylic, and materials derived from petroleum, 2014

  • Meka2u2 Thirty-Three in My Truck and Neighborhood with L’s Bike, 60 x 40 inches, archival ink jet, screen printing ink, charcoal, acrylic, bubble wrap, and ironed and tie-dyed old bags (derived from petroleum), 2014; (painting’s “skirt” can detach for an alternate installation)

  • Climber Folding Tent for Road Trip, 48 x 66 x 4 inches, spray paint, ink jet, plastic salad container, plastic flower pot, plastic bags, and sun printing ink on paper, 2015


    Between 2011 and 2015 I semi documented women my age or older in southern California who made time for “play” in the outdoors well into childbearing age. With each new large scale work in this series, I progressively began to incorporate the use of symbolic materials and tools. By the end, friends and family were gifting me old bags with flora and fauna graphics on them. Cutting these up to disable their intended use, I used a clothing iron to create comforting, blanket-like substrates. I then tie dyed these with resist materials such as tampons, hair ties and barretts. These works on non-traditional substrates progressively loosen as they move toward depicting women cradling their athletic equipment within the doorways of the containers (cars) they used to escape suburbia for physical and mental open space.